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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"The Challenge of Fairly Comparing Cloud Providers and What We're Doing About It" and "Benchmarking the Cloud" CMG'15 session

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This video presentation is very similar with CMG'15 presentation I have attended: "Benchmarking the Cloud" by  Eric Hankland (Google, USA)

Abstract: The Google Cloud Performance team is responsible for the competitive analysis of Google Cloud products. This talk will cover the problems the team faces benchmarking Google Cloud Platform, some of the solutions we adopted, as well as two of our tools.

Interesting that the CMG presentation also provided some interesting benchmaring for other public cloud providers including
- www.rackspace.com (price starts frpm 3 c/hour for LAMP stack instance)
- www.DigitalOcean.com (price starts with $5 a month)
- and some others

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