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Friday, December 15, 2023

"Scale in Clouds. What, How, Where, Why and When to Scale" - my new www.CMG.org presentation

Our presentation (with Jignesh Shah) was accepted for www.CMGimpact.com conference.

Title: Scale in Clouds. What, How, Where, Why and When to Scale
Venue:  Atlanta, GA on February 6 & 7


Scale in Clouds

What, How, Where, Why and When to Scale

Igor Trubin, Jignesh Shah -  Capital One bank 


Presentation includes the following discussion themes. 

  • What to scale: servers, databases, containers, load balancers.

  • How to scale: horizontally/rightsizing, vertically, manually, automatically, ML based, predictive, serverless.

  • Where to scale: AWS (ASG,ECS, EKS, ELB), AZURE, GCP, K8s.

  • Why to scale: cost optimization, incidents avoidance, seasonality.

  • When to scale:  auto-scaling policies and parameters, pre-warming to fight  latency, correlating with business/app drivers.

Presentation includes a user case study of scaling parameters optimization: monitoring, modeling and balancing vertical and horizontal scaling, calculating optimal initial/desired cluster size and more.