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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IT-Control Chart against Network Traffic Data vs. Process Level Data Chart

The 1st implementation of applying SEDS methodology against network trafic data was published at my CMG'07 presentation (SYSTEM  MANAGEMENT  BY  EXCEPTION:
The Final Part):

Process level data chart could also be used together with the control charts to find which particular process is responsible for some unusual spikes. The figure above shows how the CPU usage by processes chart can be used to explain that incremental daily back-up causes small daily spikes on the control chart of Network traffic (NIC level). The full back-up caused one big spike per week expanding activity to work hours, which could be dangerous to interfere with other DB2 on-line workload on that server.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Industrial Robot Grasping Processes Research. EV prototype was there!

I have published  in my Russian blog here  the abstract of my  PhD dissertations  (1986 )

Research of Industrial Robot Grasping Processes 

The main idea of that work was to find the way to calculate a some set of initial  grasping (or assembling) object coordinates that would warrant successful grasping (or assembling) process (operation). I called that "Area of Normal Functioning - ANF" (Область Нормального Функционирования -ОНФ). If grasping or assembling process starts with parameters (or coordinates) that are not in that area (NFN), the process will be failed. That area defined coordinates where passive (natural) adaptation would work. Interesting that that robotic subject is still active - see the following link 

Underactuated hand with passive adaptation

Rereading that my old work I suddenly figured out that my resent idea of Exception Value (EV - area between statistical limits and just happened actual variables values) is very similar with that my very old idea of calculating limits for successful assembling or robot grasping processes!

Apparently my mind works very consistently.... 


Monday, June 7, 2010

Near-Real-Time IT-Control Chart R-Simulation

UPDATE: Now the following free web tool to build IT-control charts is available:

See more explanation

Review of IT Control Chart