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Thursday, August 27, 2009

IT-Chart: The Best Way to Visualize IT Systems Performance

How to see most current metric data, most recent one and also in retrospective, but in one picture? Is that possible? Yes, it is.
I guess the simple radar in a plane or ship cockpit refreshes current data on a top of most recent and shows approaching "future". The SEDS control chart is similar and uses the border line to separate current data and most recent one. Plus it gives a historical base-line to show you what can be expected and for comparison.

I believe it is powerful way to visualize IT Systems Performance, so I made up a name for that chart: "IT-CHART".
(Not only because IT is my initials....)

I plan to add the pictures from this blog as additional slides to my CMG'09 workshop, which includes the R-script to build IT-CHART based on CSV input. (see abstract here)