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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Challenge of Monitoring Containers at Scale

The adoption of containers, and the associated desire to build microservices, is causing a paradigm shift within the monitoring space. Application functionality is becoming more granular and more independently scalable and resilient, which is a challenge for traditional monitoring solutions. InfoQ recently sat down with a series of container monitoring experts and explored these challenges.
The Challenge of Monitoring Containers at Scale

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#Cloud of #containers, #dockers and #microservices requires Management by Exception

From "The Challenge of Monitoring Containers at Scale"

...."Monitoring systems generally rely on the operator to define ‘normal’. With the rate of change in today’s dynamic environments being driven by auto-scaling and scheduled infrastructures, defining normality becomes a challenge. So far the monitoring community has done a great job of focusing on automating metrics collection and alerting on those predefined thresholds. We now need to focus on algorithmically detecting faults or anomalies and alerting on them"

...."key requirement is anomaly detection. Due to the massive scale nobody can look at all these numbers manually. So monitoring systems have to learn normal behaviour and indicate when system behaviour is not normal any more.

#CMG is in the development of performance engineering certifications (partnering with ASTQB)

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ASTQB and CMG Partner to Develop Performance Testing Certifications

The Computer Measurement Group (CMG) has entered into a partnership agreement with the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) to contribute towards the development of performance testing certifications.
ASTQB President Debra Friedenberg stated, “We’re delighted to have an industry leading organization whose mission it is to evaluate system performance be committed to this endeavor. CMG is recognized for their breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise in performance evaluation.”
“This partnership provides CMG the expertise that ASTQB brings in developing full lifecycle certification programs that will aid CMG in the development of complementary performance engineering certifications,” stated CMG President Kevin Mobley.
Please submit any questions to headquarters@astqb.org.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

#CMGimPACt is a new name for #CMG'16 conference. I go! You?


Computer Measurement Group (CMG) strives to host an event that truly encompasses the
impact YOU make! Which is why we took your advice and re‐freshed the Performance and
Capacity annual conference. Along with a new name, imPACt 2016 will provide a wider range of
the topics you want to hear! Find more information here http://bit.ly/1pA1Zfx

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our 1st Product - the mobile app for Android - is on Google Play for testing

The test version of the Collabrodor app has launched. If you have a pet, please install the app on Android and test! LINK IS HERE: