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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hey! If you live close to DC - We meet again to discuss Mainframe and Cloud related stuff in our NCA CMG meetup. Check the agenda!

Hey! If you live close to DC - We meet again to discuss Mainframe related stuff in our meetup: 

LINK https://www.meetup.com/NCACMG/events/251111371/

When: Thursday, June 14, 2018
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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1. "Preparing Today’s Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Workloads", Kofi Hayford, DataCore

2. "Flash, Flash and more Flash: What’s in it for me?", John Baker from Data Kinetics

ABSTRACT: Flash. Is this the light on my camera, a plugin for my browser, or a superhero that runs really fast? If you’re in IT, flash likely refers to something else: flash memory of some sort. But even then, the term is both ubiquitous and vague. The solid-state drive in your laptop; the new memory in your z14; your new “all flash” storage array. These all boast “flash” technology that promises to make everything faster.
Flash technology is not new but reductions in price and advancements in capacity are exploding adoption. There are many compelling arguments for flash – but is it the solution to all storage bottlenecks? Take a stroll with John as we slow down the hype to explore the various implementations of flash technology and which, if any, can best speed up your datacenter. And don’t worry; I won’t be wearing a red, spandex suit.

3. "Dave’s not here: R4HA, AWLC, SCRT and other 4-letter software pricing words", John Baker from Data Kinetics

ABSTRACT: David Chase has left the building. Which leaves many of us scratching our heads about the whirlwind of available pricing options. IBM Z continues to improve efficiency and options like Country-Wide Multiplex (CMP), Mobile and Container pricing, and soft capping options, improve ROI but how does all this stuff work? The R4HA remains key but even that requires context. Its measured on each LPAR but often combined depending on what, and where, various subsystems are running. Which value, average, or total determines your software bill? And what if some LPARs are capped? This session is for everyone. Performance, Capacity, or Finance. Costs are driving more and more of our decisions. Lets start by understanding how these costs are determined.

PRESENTER: John Baker has over 25 years in the IT industry as both a customer and consultant. For the last 20 years, John has focused on mainframe performance and cost optimization. As a customer, John designed, implemented and maintained many critical projects such as WLM Goal Mode, GDPS/Data Mirroring, and merging datacenters.

Light LUNCH is provided by Compuware

4. Compuware presentations by Kelly Vogt:

- "The Practical and Wholesale Application of Strobe to Reduce Cost, Improve Scalability and Performance",

ABSTRACT: Tuning is often a reactive activity. A crisis presents and we turn out in force to stamp out the fire; then return to the myriad other things we have to do… But what if we flip that around and make it a proactive activity for fun and profit? See how a common sense approach to proactive treasure hunting in your system can save large amounts of money in your installation and improve service for your customers.

- "The Necessity of, and the Value Proposition for, Total Batch Automation with ThruPut Manager"

ABSTRACT: What is the future of your batch strategy? Is it nimble? Fluid? For all the automation brought to the mainframe, why is it that batch is still manually operated? All that tracking jobs and endless commands fiddling about with initiators and job classes. Learn why we cannot continue on like we are… and what we can do about it.

PRESENTER: Kelly Vogt joined Compuware in February as an Field Tech in support of ThruPut Manager. He has 38 years in the mainframe arena, with 24 years in systems programming and performance management. His last 14 years were spent in management leading Large Systems Engineering for Humana. He has extensive experience buying and renewing IBM and ISV hardware/software; knowledge of software license models and contracts; performance and capacity planning experience; and the day in, day out of data center operation.

5. "Performance Anomaly Detection and more at CMG Training Program" - 
https://www.cmg.org/professional-development/ Igor Trubin, IT Manager at Capital One, CMG director.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NCA CMG meetup meeting 12/6/2017 -roll call of participants

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Got caught on the www.CMG.org official video: "41st International Performance & Capacity Conference"

See me started at 1:05!

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