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Friday, September 9, 2016

41st International Performance & Capacity Conference

Make an imPACt in 2016. Join us in La Jolla, CA this November

My presentation "Is your Capacity Available is scheduled to be presented at International CMG conference "imPACt 2016" in La Jolla, CA on Monday November 7th, 5-6pm. The abstract can be seen HERE

Please consider to attend!

My new presentation is scheduled at the Southern CMG meeting in Cary, NC on October 20th

I am glad to announce that our next SCMG meeting will be held on October 20th in Cary, NC.
See agenda and location details at the SCMG web page:

Tentative AGENDA:

8:00-9:00 ETRegistration / Breakfast
9:00-9:30Sponsor Session
9:30-10:30Andrew Armstrong “tbd”
10:30-11:30Ann Dowling “Capacity Management Is Still Relevant
11:30-12:30Kyle Parrish “Too Big to Test: Breaking a production brokerage platform without causing financial devastation”, CMG 2015 Mullen Award Winner
12:30-1:30LUNCH with Sponsor Session:  Cirba
1:30-2:30Igor Trubin “Is Your Capacity Available?
2:30-3:30Shawn Lundvall “zBNA: Theory and Overview
3:30-4:30Ken Christiance “tbd”
4:30-5:30SCMG Committee Meeting

Note I am presenting my new white paper there that is also scheduled to be published and presented at International CMG conference "imPACt 2016" in La Jolla, CA on Monday November 7th, 5-6pm. The abstract can be seen HERE

Please consider to attend both events!