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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MSDN Blog post: "Statistical Process Control Techniques in Performance Monitoring and Alerting" by M. Friedman

I met  again at CMG'13 and also attended his session (will put my impressions later).

Mark is my teacher, and I respect him very much. Ones I have attended his Windows Capacity Management class in Chicago. I always try to go to his presentations, to read his books and to see his online activities. Just today, checking his activities online I ran into his 2010 post in MSDN Blog that relates to my (this) blog very much:

MSDN Blogs Developer Division Performance Engineering blog > Statistical Process Control Techniques in Performance Monitoring and Alerting

I very appreciate he mentioned my blog and my name (with a little misprint...):

".... a pointer to Igor Trobin's work, which I believe is very complementary. Igor writes an interesting blog called “System Management by Exception.” In addition, Jeff Buzen and Annie Shum published a very influential paper on this subject called “MASF: Multivariate Adaptive Statistical Filtering” back in 1995. (Igor’s papers on the subject and the original Buzen and Shum paper are all available at www.cmg.org.)... "

This Mark's post was a response on Charles Loboz CMG paper critique made by Uriel Carrasquilla, Microsoft performance analyst. I attended that presentation and had some doubts too which I expressed during the presentation. BTW I have commented another Charles's CMG paper in my blog:  Quantifying Imbalance in Computer Systems: CMG'11 Trip Report. My opinion is this CMG'11 paper was much better!
(Normalized Imbalance Coefficient, from the paper)

BTW I have also made comments on Mark Friedman CMG'08 paper: Mainstream NUMA and the TCP/IP stack. His presentation was as usual very influential! See details in my CMG'08 Trip Report

And I am about to comment his CMG'13 presentation. Check the next post!

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