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Friday, January 27, 2012

FiOS Problem: Large File Upload Speed Analysis

I am afraid my home internet (Verizon FiOS) does not provide the upload speed that actually I pay for. I have 15/5 Mbps, so upload speed should be about 5 Mbps.

Speed test result (http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/) gives the following:
Good, right? But that test uses very small size file, I believe. So I could not resist to make some experiment to measure the real upload speed I have for relatively large file (~8Mb). 
See result here: 
That means I have about 0.17% out of 100Mbps = 0.17 Mbps instead of 5Mbps!!!!

That is interesting... a small file upload is fast, so standard speed test is not capturing a problem, but long upload is degrading significantly! 

It cannot be a trick from Verizon to hide their problems I hope, that should be some network defect or capacity issue.

Sometimes I see errors:
- standard speed test from some distant locations shows error (see example below from Seattle): 
 - Plus when I am attaching >2 Mb file in my e-mail it returns error after uploading less than half of file :

Note: Ironically Verizon "home agent" program senses this e-mail problem, but cannot help at all!

So it is the  real problem for a blogger!

I have opened a ticket with Verizon and having a battle right now with them to fix that. See details: http://trubinigor.blogspot.com/2012/01/facebook-verizon-account-responded-on.html 

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