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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bad and Good FiOS Upload Comparison

This is the continuation of previous research published here:
 FiOS Problem: Large File Upload Speed Analysis

My son repeated the same test I did but on his own laptop and got the same and even more interesting result that shows the problem very clear: it does the fast upload at 2.5 Mgps during transferring 1st 2-3 Mg and then it degrades to ~0.17 Mgps for the rest of file traansfer with some ocational spiks: 

Then my son went to his next door friend who has very fast 35/25 FiOS  and tested the upload speed there the same way we did from my house. Everything was extremely fast as seen below:
Them I went to my other neighbor (same 35/25 FiOS) with my laptop, ran my test  and got also the very good result:
That was a 200Mb file upload to YouTube and it shows actual upload speed about 25% out of 100Mbps which  matches the standard speed test. I even tested sending attached 2 Mg file via my Verizon.net account - NO PROBLEM:

So we made the clear experiment and now I am sure there is no problem with my laptop and the FiOS in our neighborhood is OK. The problem is around my house. I am sending this report to Verizon support. We will see how they help me. The update will be in the next additional posts in my personal blog: http://trubinigor.blogspot.com.

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