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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Building IT-Control Chart by BIRT against Data from the MySQL Database

This is just about another way to build an IT-Control chart assuming the raw data are in the real database like MySQL. In this case some SQL scripting is used.

1. The raw data is CPU hourly utilization and actually the same as in the previous posts: BIRT based Control Chart and One Example of BIRT Data Cubes Usage for Performance Data Analysis. (see the raw data picture here)

2. That raw data need to be uploaded to some table (CPUutil) in the MySQL schema (ServerMetric) by using the following script (sqlScriptToUploadCSVforSEDS.sql):

The uploaded data is seen at the bottom of the picture.

3.       Then the output (result) data (ActualVsHistoric table) is built using the following script (sqlScriptToControlChartforSEDS.sql):
The fragment of the result data are seen at the bottom of the picture also. Everything is ready for building IT-Control Chart and the data is actually the same as used in BIRT based Control Chart, so result should be the same also. Below is more detailed explanation how that was done.

4.  First, using BIRT the connection to MySQL database is established (to MySQLti  with schema  ServerMetrics to table ActualVsHistorical):

5. Then, the chart is developed the same way like that was done in BIRT based Control Chart post:

1.      6. Nice thing is in BIRT you can specify report parameters, that could be then a part of any constants including for filtering (to change a baseline or to provide server or metric names). Finally the report should be run to get the following result, which is almost identical with the one built for BIRT based Control Chart post:

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