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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"The Master of MASF"

The following paper has been recently presented at  Southern California CMG (SCCMG)

Automatic Daily Monitoring of Continuous Processes
Theory and Practice


MP Welch – Merrill Consultants
Frank Bereznay - IBM
That is another great paper that promotes the MASF approach in System performance monitoring, which is actually the main subject of this blog. Most likely that paper will be presented again and publish at the international  CMG'11 conference.

I am very proud that I was called "The Master of MASF" at that presentation! Thank you, Frank!
Here is the link to the presentation file I have found via google, which has the following pages referencing my work and also this blog:

Automatic Daily Monitoring of Continuous Processes Theory and Practice

The paper also has good references to Ron Kaminski and  Dima Seliverstov work. Both authors as well as Frank  Bereznay have already  been mentioned in this blog already: 

See the following posts for Frank  Bereznay work:

Aug 13, 2007
2006 Best Paper Award paper: Did Something Change? Using Statistical Techniques to Interpret Service and Resource Metrics. Frank M. Bereznay, Kaiser Permanente LINK: http://cmg.org/conference/cmg2006/awards/6139.pdf ...

Nov 05, 2010
Brian Barnett, Perry Gibson, and Frank Bereznay. That paper has a deep discussion about normality of performance data, showing examples where MASF approach does not work. The Survival Analysis that does not require any knowledge of how...

For Ron Kaminski work:

Jan 24, 2009
and ron kaminski who expressed some interest in my ev algorithm to capture recent bad trends as that solves some problems of workload pathology recognition on which he has been working recently. so you want to manage your z-series mips?

And for Dima Seliverstov work:

Dec 10, 2010
At CMG'10 conference I met BMC software specialist Dima Seliverstrov and he mentioned of referencing my 1st CMG'01 paper in his CMG presentation (scheduled to be presented TODAY!). I looked at his paper "Application of Stock Market... 


  1. Tim Browning: 'Very interesting presentation. I seem to be doing most of this. Interesting concept of longitudinal stability. I will adopt that technique in my work.'

  2. The referenced presentation is now on www.MXG.com site: http://www.mxg.com/downloads/admcp_part1.pdf