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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

My last role model - Prof. Igor Chelpanov

I just came across an article about him, posthumously, in his blessed memory - IN MEMORY OF IGOR BORISOVICH CHELPANOV (По русски

It’s interesting that I noticed in this block of mine that he is my last authority HERE, 3 months after his death, which I only found out about now (4 years after..).

He had the greatest talent - Teacher of PhD students. I found him myself after a presentation (about the dynamics of robot grasping devises) made by one of his students, S.N. Kolpashnikov.

This was a turning point in my career (he was my dissertation supervisor) and my entire professional life!

I am immensely grateful to Igor Borisovich and remember him forever!

Meeting of the Department of Automata. Polytech, St. Petersburg, ~1998
In the first row, 1st from left is I. Chelpanov, 2nd from right (I. Trubin)
Besides us: Popov, Krasnoslabodtsev, Dyachenko (head of the department), Volkov (future head of the department) and others

 I. B. Chelpanov

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