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Thursday, October 4, 2018

#Opmantek product has implemented my Statistical Exception Detection System (SEDS) - MASF based #AnomalyDetection

Looks like one of the Opmantek product has implemented my dynamic thresholding method - SEDS. I found the reference to that in the following blog post at their site: 

System Automation Through Integration

"...These solutions were then complimented by the addition of opTrend, which expands on Opmantek’s already expansive thresholding and alerting system by implementing a highly flexible Statistical Exception Detection System (SEDS) that learns what’s normal behavior on the client’s network and adjusts thresholding dynamically based on historical usage for every hour of each day of the week..."

The description is limited, but apparently it is my SEDS method (MASF based Anomaly Detection) published in several white papers and blog posts.

I am happy except there is no reference to my name, papers or at least this blog. 

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