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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Performance #AnomalyDetection Online Course Info and #Perfomalist Tool DEMO


What is covered:

  • Machine learning based Anomaly Detection technique
  • Classical (SPC) and MASF (For system performance data) Control Chartirting
  • Where is the Control Chart Used?
  • What are the types of Control Charts?
  • Reading, building, and interpreting Control Charts
  • Typical cases of real world issues captured by anomaly detection system (VMs, Mainframes, Middleware, E2E response and more)
  • How to build free AWS cloud server with R and build there control charts
  • Performance anomaly (Perfomaly) detection system R implementation example (SEDS-lite - open source based tool)

"Perfomaly"=Performance Anomaly:

Control Chart as a Machine Learning Tool to Detect Anomalies

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