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Thursday, December 28, 2017

R or Python? Six Reasons To Learn R For Business

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About Python

Python is a general service programming language developed by software engineers that has solid programming libraries for math, statistics and machine learning. Python has best-in-class tools for pure machine learning and deep learning, but lacks much of the infrastructure for subjects like econometrics and communication tools such as reporting. Because of this, Python is well-suited for computer scientists and software engineers.

About R

R is a statistical programming language developed by scientists that has open source libraries for statistics, machine learning, and data science. R lends itself well to business because of its depth of topic-specific packages and its communciation infrastructure. R has packages covering a wide range of topics such as econometrics, finance, and time series. R has best-in-class tools for visualization, reporting, and interactivity, which are as important to business as they are to science. Because of this, R is well-suited for scientists, engineers and business professionals.

What Should You Do?

Don’t make the decision tougher than what it is. Think about where you are coming from:
  • Are you a computer scientist or software engineer? If yes, choose Python.
  • Are you an analytics professional or mechanical/industrial/chemical engineer looking to get into data science? If yes, choose R.
Think about what you are trying to do:
  • Are you trying to build a self-driving car? If yes, choose Python.
  • Are you trying to communicate business analytics throughout your organization? If yes, choose R.

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