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Thursday, September 7, 2017

#imPACt 2017 conference program is published. 4. "Applying Artificial Intelligence for Performance Engineering" (#CMGnews)

See the full program HERE

 Applying Artificial Intelligence for Performance Engineering 
Environments become very complex thanks to new technology and architectures. Change happens more rapidly. Performance Engineering is either part of the pipeline or happens in production. This work cant be done by looking at static dashboards any longer and drawing conclusions based on years of experience. Performance Engineering has to leverage new approaches such as anomaly detection, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this session I talk about how Dynatrace leverages AI to scale and automate many of the performance engineering tasks
Presenter bio: Andreas has been working in software quality for the past 15 years helping companies from small startup to large enterprise figuring out why their current application falls short on quality and how to prevent quality issues for future development. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, meetups & user groups. He has done DevOps Boston, Velocity Santa Clara, Agile Testing Days, Star West or STPCon in the recent years. Besides being excited about software quality he is also an enthusiastic salsa dancer
Andreas Grabner

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