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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CMG #imPACt and #Velocity conferences cover the Capacity Management shift

UPDATE: I have invited Kevin to present again his famous Velocity presentation to newly formed NCACMG meet-up (will be on 12/6/2017  Wednesday in “IBM Washington Systems Center”, 470 Springpark Place, Herndon, Va. 20170) 
I am analyzing the content of the upcoming CMG conferences. ( imPACt 2017 )

Most interesting was that the upcoming Velocity conference also covers this subject: 

Speaker: Kevin McLaughlin
Company: Capital One
Session Title: Is capacity management still needed in the public cloud?

Session Abstract: 

The cloud holds the promise of bottomless capacity, available instantly. Recently, Capital One has been shifting a significant portion of its workload to the public cloud. Kevin McLaughlin explores what capacity management looks like in the cloud, which old concepts still apply, which should be retired, and what new metrics become important and covers the importance of performance management. Kevin also outlines what needs to be monitored as workloads transition to the cloud and what to monitor once a workload is fully in the cloud, as well as considerations for ensuring the legacy environment maintains sufficient capacity during the transition.

Other related presentation was at last year CMG imPACt conference 

Speaker: Ann Dowling
Company: MetLife
Session Title: A shift in who does capacity sizings 

Session Abstract:

The accelerating advance of hybrid infrastructures with promotion of self-service requests for capacity is causing a significant shift in who is responsible for sizing capacity requirements. The shift is moving out of the direct management by IT infrastructure capacity planners out to the end user or consumer - often application owners and development teams. This can be viewed as a positive shift that activates the linkage between infrastructure and application teams. The challenge is to ensure the requestors have the skills and tools to adequately size their requirements for cpu, memory, and storage for both their immediate needs and with an understanding of workload growth patterns along with the financial implications. This presentation will focus on the organizational and cultural shifts that result from the emergence and popularity of self-service capacity sizings and requests.

BTW I know very well both presenters. Follow this post for details!

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