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Monday, November 2, 2015

"Linking Mainframe Monitoring, Anomaly Classification and Deep Analysis to Prevent Problem Reoccurrence" #CMG2015 - plan to attand

"Mainframe monitoring does a great job of collecting and displaying system performance data. However in today's market monitoring is not enough - companies need accurate alerts, especially to handle issues arising from new mainframe usage paradigms driven by real-time end-user transaction systems and not just traditional backend transaction and batch processing. Also, many people with mainframe problem analysis skills are retiring making it harder to find people that can analyze mainframe monitor data for triage and problem resolution.This requires augmenting monitors with a "brain" " capable of accurate anomaly classification and alerts, and tying those alerts to deep dive activation - sense-and-respond can evolve into more a powerful mode of monitoring automation that we call predict-and-prevent. In this talk I'll discuss the capabilities needed by such a brain, which makes it possible to decide which anomalies are important and warrant a response, which need to be watched more closely to gather more information and which can be ignored.

Jacob P. Ukelson, D.Sc.


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