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Thursday, October 29, 2015

IT Reincarnations: Outsourcing - Insourcing. Offshoring - Nearshoring. What's next? Clouding - ..... Condensing?

The End of IT?  

"...autonomous self-healing and self-correcting systems ... are possible with predictive analytics and machine learning capabilites and the way infrastructure has become essentially code. It could spell the end of IT."

not so fast...

Surprise! The cost of cloud is about to rise!

So I have survived the 1st IT reincarnation (check my post "")

Now I am involved in Clouding, which looks like Outsourcing 2.0, but this time instead of the personnel the IT infrastructure has been Outsourcing to Cloud provider.  What would be the next cycle when the cost of clouds suddenly gets too high, just like the off-shore salaries had got high before In-sourcing?

"Condensing" back?

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