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Thursday, December 18, 2014

PROCESSING EXCEPTION HANDLING. Patent by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

My co-author, Kevin McLaughlin has found this patent. Here is a link:

In accordance with an embodiment, a method for exception handling comprises accessing an exception type for an exception, filtering historical data based on at least one defined criterion to provide a data train comprising data sets, assigning a Weight to each data set, and providing a current control parameter. The data sets each comprise a historical condition and a historical control parameter, and the Weight assigned to each data set is based on each historical condition. The current control parameter is provided using the Weight and the historical control parameter for each data set."

We are glad to see a reference to two my papers that examiner of this patent (Jay Morrison ) cited:

Igor Trubin, Ph.D.,Global and Application Levels Exception Detection System Based on MASF Technique”, Proceedings of the Computer Measurement Group, 2002.
Kevin McLaughlin and Igor Trubin, “Exception Detection System, Based on the Statistical Process Control Concept”, Proceedings of the Computer Measurement Group, 2001


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