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Friday, May 3, 2013

SCMG report: Business and Application Based Capacity Management

Another presentation at our April 2013 SCMG meeting was very interesting. Ann Dowling presented the result of large project she led to improve the capacity management of some big IT organization. Here is the title and the link:

Business and Application Based Capacity Management

Actually I was involved in that project too. I was at the beginning of the effort to build custom Cognos based reporting process. We tried to use BIRT reporting and then successfully switched to Cognos.

Interesting, that the presentation has mentioned “Dynamic thresholds”. I thought it is something like control charts do (and by the way during my work on that project I found "out-of-box" BIRT based control chart reports in the TCR and I suggested to use it or to build better ones using COGNOS), but looks like by “Dynamic thresholds” they mean “The ability to change (manually?) to meet customer department adjustments. The threshold metrics can be at the prompt page.”…

I prefer using that term for thresholds that a reporting system automatically changes based on a behavioral learning process.

Much later I have played with BIRT and COGNOS to build control charts. See examples below:

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