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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SAS code to build Control Chart

As I have already shared at the "The Master of MASF" post there was the CMG presentation (where BTW my work and this blog were mentioned) that illustrates how to use SAS to build MASF Control Charts.

The two parts of that presentation are available at the www.MXG.com along with link to SAS code that could be used to build control charts:

Automatic Daily Monitoring of Continuous Processes Theory and Practice
Frank Bereznay and MP Welch (UKCMG2011) (SWCMG2011)
Filename            Size (bytes)       Date Posted 
ADMCP Part 1 PDF 1,178 KB  May 17, 2011 
ADMCP Part 2 PDF 8,719 KB  May 17, 2011 
Coding Sample admcp_sample.sas 4KB  May 17, 2011 
HTMLBLUE SG 9.3 Style Preview (Make 9.2 look like 9.3) 31KB  May 17, 2011 

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