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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MASF Control Charts Against DB2 Performance Data

I have done that before... I used for that my own variation of MASF Control Chart called "IT- Control Chart". You can see the example in my older post: Power of Control Charts and IT-Chart Concept (Part 1) :
 But not only me do that! I have found the following paper in MeasureIt :

The paper has a good MASF reference, the list of DB2 performance metrics that are good to be analyzed by MASF Control Charts and a few examples of Control Charts in form of 24-hour profile. One example is below (Linked to picture form the original paper published on Internet):

BTW, the actual data curve is hourly aggregated data for the particular month (October) to compare with historical base-line. Similar approach was taken in the exercise I published in the following post: Adrian Heald: A simple control chart using Captell Version 6

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