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Saturday, February 4, 2012

FiOS Upload Speed Measuring - Do not Trust Verizon Speed test!

Still having upload problem with my FiOS Internet, I have been advised by my friend to test and graph the upload process using the following website:  http://www.connectionanalyzer.com/home.php - 

I did that and here are some results that shows the problem clearly - very long pauses/delays up to 1-2 sec in the middle of transfers! That averages the speed to very low number. Between pauses the speed is good.

test 1:

test 2:

test 3:
Last one is the worst and the overall averaged measurement was close to my observation I published in the previous posting ~ 0.18 Mbps upload speed!:

After the test I used Verizon speed test which still shows the speed I actually pay for (25/25):

Amazing! That why I had a problem to make Verizon to pay attention to my problem! Based on their test I do not have any problem!!!!

Anyway I convinced Verizon (maybe because I publishing issue update on my blogs...) to send me a technician to fix the problem at my house. I will publish other test after the issue is gone.


  1. The issue was resolved and now the upload works fine. Check my personal blog following posting for details and for the good graphical report example with the right upload trending picture: http://trubinigor.blogspot.com/2012/02/fios-issue-hopefully-it-is-final-update.html

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