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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finding the Edge of Surprise by Rich Olcott

I have definitely overlooked the following very good article of my CMG and IBM acquaintance:

MeasureIT - Issue 5.03 - Finding the Edge of Surprise by Rich Olcott 

At the 1st glance that article has a good overview of Classical SPC with some original suggestion how to apply that to IT data. Also I like the name of the article which could be a good short and metaphoric description of the main topic of this entire blog! 

BTW He provided there the reference to my CMG'2004 paper: “Mainframe Global and Workload Levels – Statistical Exception Detection System, Based on MASF,” CMG Proceedings (2004). The link to that my paper is published on very 1st posting of this blog!

And I have already mentioned  his previous work at my other posting: 
Aug 13, 2007
Dials for a PM Dashboard: Velocity's Missing Twin, and Quantifying Surprise, Rich Olcott
I plan to reread both his works and to add more comments-thoughts....

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