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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cloud Computing Capacity Management

Interesting that couple years ago I was job-interviewed by Google for Program Manager position and on the last phone interview I was asked about how to do capacity management for cloud computing. I did not really  know that...
 (I did not have any deal with that yet - only CMG based knowledge - see
C. Molloy's  presentation:

Capacity Management for Cloud Computing

... but tried to tell them that the generic approach should be applied considering a cloud as just a highly virtualized infrastructure with very high mobility feature to satisfy any additional capacity demand and on almost a fly.  Cloud is just the next level of virtualization. Right?

And my favorite smart alerting (based on dynamic thresholds) approach could automate the finding a moment when additional capacity needs to be allocated. (I think I mentioned that in one of my papers). As for as I know, currently it is done based on strictly static thresholds.

The figure is the chart about capturing capacity usage change happend in VMware environment (Control chart is for VM, trend is for Host) - that is from my new CMG'10 paper: IT-CONTROL CHART 

BTW I failed and did not get the offer from Google, but anyway my family was not really ready to change the coast and I just decided that was a test for Google and they failed, not me!

(see more recent post about cloud compuing here:

Tim Browning: the review of cloud computing article "Optimal Density of Workload Placement")

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