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Friday, November 5, 2010

CMG'09: Performance Data Statistical Exceptions Analysis (Review)

  1. The best CMG'09 conference (www.CMG.org) paper award was granted to the following paper:
Survival Analysis In Computer Performance Analysis by
Brian Barnett, Perry Gibson, and Frank Bereznay

That paper has a deep discussion about normality of performance data, showing examples where MASF approach does not work. The Survival Analysis that does not require any knowledge of how data is distributed was suggested to be used in those cases.

  1. Sunday workshops
a. I ran my workshop there (see My CMG'09 Sunday Workshop) with good attendance (~20 attendees) and interest expressed by audience.This year CMG'10 conference will have my new paper get published ("IT-Control Charts"), which is based on my CMG'09 workshop.

b. Other interesting workshop which I have attended was “R – An Environment for Analyzing and Visualizing (Performance) data” by Jim Holtman, who also published and presented his paper at the same conference: The Use of R for System Performance Analysis. That was excellent topic as R is a free tool that could replace expensive ones like SAS. (see my R code to build control charts example here: Power of Control Charts).

  1. Other interesting papers
    1. The most interesting paper related to this blog subjects was:
“How ‘Normal’ is your IT data?”  by  Mazda A. Marvasti, Ph.D., CISSP Integrien Corporation

I had already published some information about Integrien tools (see Real-Time Statistical Exception Detection). The paper was good illustration and explanation of why a performance tool needs to get ability to correctly work with non-normally distributed data: “the behavior of IT data, across a variety of collection sources and data types, does not resemble normal distribution….

    1. The following author had reference to my work  in his paper:
“Lean Monitoring Framework For eBusiness Applications” by  Ramapantula Udaya Shankar

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