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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My new CMG'10 paper "IT-Control Charts" was accepted to be published and presented

My new 10th CMG paper "IT-Control Charts" was accepted and will be presented in Orlando on December 8th Wednesday at 10:30.  That is a paper version of my Workshop "Power of Control Chart, How to Read, How to Build, How to Use" I ran several times last year.

    IT-Control Charts
    The Control Chart originally used in Mechanical Engineering has become one of the main Six Sigma tools to optimize business processes, and after some adjustments it is used in IT Capacity Management especially in “behavior learning” products. The paper answers the following questions. What is the Control Chart and how to read it? Where is the Control Chart used? Review of some performance tools that use it. Control chart types: MASF charts vs. SPC; IT-Control Chart for IT Application performance control. How to build a Control Chart using Excel for interactive analysis and R to do it automatically?

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