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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Capturing Workload Pathology By SEDS - my CMG'05 paper

The paper can be found here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/221447101_Capturing_Workload_Pathology_by_Statistical_Exception_Detection_System
Here is the resume:
Problem definition: The Servers workload pathology  (defects) such as run-away processes and memory leaks captures spare server resources and causes the following issues:
- being a parasite type of workload they compete for the resources with the real workload and causes performance degradations;
- they mimic capacity issue, but they are not a real capacity problem and just spoil the historical sample and causes wrong capacity trends as seen on the Figure below:

To fight this problem I have developed the way to capture those defects, report on them and then to remove them from historical sample to see real capacity trends. That was implemented as a part od SEDS application. Detailed explanations are in my CMG'05 paper  "Capturing Workload Pathology by Statistical Exception Detection System"

Other good result of implementing this problem resolution was dramatic reduce number of incidents related to run-away and memory leaks defects. The chart below shows 2+ time reduction for 2 years:

Other work in this area made by Ron Kaminski. See CMG paper here:

Automating Process and Workload Pathology Detection

presentation slides:  

Automating Process and Workload Pathology

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