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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Capacity Management Found in Translation

I have just created my 2nd blog to share my technical ideas and thoughts in Russian. If you can read Russian please visit http://www.ukor.blogspot.com/.

The name of my new blog is "Управление Вычислительной Мощностью" which simply means “Capacity Management”. That term translation I have recently found in a Russian article (click here to read) which was published in 2008 by Enterprise Systems and Software Laboratory, HP Laboratories Palo Alto. I was so glad that I had finally figured out how “Capacity Management” is said in Russian! The past 10 years doing Capacity Management I always had a problem explaining to my Russian friends and relatives what my occupation was! Now I know and that fact inspired me to start my new blog for Russian readers.

Another reason is the 20th anniversary of my 1st program which I wrote and sold. That was the graphical editor with some CAD features I wrote using FORTRAN for PC with PDP type of processor (DVK-3). The name of that program was UKOR (In Russian that means “REPROOF”). That’s why the link to my new blog is “ http://www.UKOR.blogspot.com/ “!

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