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Thursday, May 7, 2009

SEDS charts at SCMG

SCMG has just held two great meetings:

I was able to demonstrate in live some control charts building technique including R scripting. It encouraged me to submit workshop proposal for CMG'09 "Power of Control Charts: How to Read, How to Build, How to Use".

If it's accepted, please come to see my workshop in December 6 in Dallas, Texas : http://www.cmg.org/conference/!

P.S. Interesting news I got from SCMG meeting about R: The SAS v. 9.2 can execute R scripts. Does anybody try?

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  1. Hey, amazing work my friend. I'm think I've made up my mind to study Computer Network Managment. How does that major translate into what you do? Also, what made you decide to chose your field?