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Thursday, June 7, 2007

System Management by Exception


To keep the discussion about how to Manage computer Systems by Exception (e.g. by  using SPC, APC, MASF, 6-SIGMA, SETDS and other techniques), I run this blog and also publish/present white papers at the www.CMG.org.  Please take a look at the following set of CMG papers related to Statistical Exception Detection System (SEDS or SETDS):

2017 -  The Model Factory - Correlating Server and Database Utilization with Customer Activity"

2016 - Is your Capacity available? 

2012 - SEDS-Lite:  Using Open Source Tools (R, BIRT and MySQL) to Report and Analyze Performance Data 

2008 Exception Based Modeling and Forecasting

2005 - Capturing Workload Pathology by Statistical Exception Detection System 

2004 - Mainframe Global and Workload Level Statistical Exception Detection System Based on MASF

2003 - Disk Subsystem Capacity Management Based on Business Drivers I/O Performance Metrics and MASF

2002 - Global and Application Levels Exception Detection System, Based on MASF Technique

2001 - Exception Detection System, Based on the Statistical Process Control Concept

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  1. Here is the announcement of a new CMG paper:

    "System Management by Exception, Part Final"

    Statistical Exception Detection System (SEDS) has been successfully used for more than seven years to automatically produce web-based exception reports and smart alerts against the performance data warehouse for a large, multi-platform environment. This paper starts with an overview of how SEDS uses SPC and MASF techniques and how SEDS could be used as a part of Lean/Six Sigma. Then it focuses on the memory usage exceptions that SEDS captures to proactively identify server and application performance issues.