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Saturday, February 4, 2012

FiOS Upload Speed Measuring - Do not Trust Verizon Speed test!

Still having upload problem with my FiOS Internet, I have been advised by my friend to test and graph the upload process using the following website:  http://www.connectionanalyzer.com/home.php - 

I did that and here are some results that shows the problem clearly - very long pauses/delays up to 1-2 sec in the middle of transfers! That averages the speed to very low number. Between pauses the speed is good.

test 1:

test 2:

test 3:
Last one is the worst and the overall averaged measurement was close to my observation I published in the previous posting ~ 0.18 Mbps upload speed!:

After the test I used Verizon speed test which still shows the speed I actually pay for (25/25):

Amazing! That why I had a problem to make Verizon to pay attention to my problem! Based on their test I do not have any problem!!!!

Anyway I convinced Verizon (maybe because I publishing issue update on my blogs...) to send me a technician to fix the problem at my house. I will publish other test after the issue is gone.