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Thursday, June 7, 2007

System Management by Exception


To keep the discussion about how to Manage computer Systems by Exception (e.g. by  using SPC, APC, MASF, 6-SIGMA, SETDS and other techniques), I run this blog and also publish/present white papers at the www.CMG.org.  Please take a look at the following set of CMG papers related to Statistical Exception Detection System (SEDS or SETDS):


2005 - Capturing Workload Pathology by Statistical Exception Detection System (http://regions.cmg.org/regions/scmg/spring_06/raleigh/CMG2005SEDS.pdf)

2004 - Mainframe Global and Workload Level Statistical Exception Detection System, Based on MASF

2003 - Disk Subsystem Capacity Management Based on Business Drivers I/O Performance Metrics and MASF (http://regions.cmg.org/regions/ncacmg/downloads/june162004_session3.doc)

2002 - Global and Application Levels Exception Detection System, Based on MASF Technique

2001 - Exception Detection System, Based on the Statistical Process Control Concept