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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Found my slide with SETDS #ControlChart at the #ICST conference... taken from my and Lin Merritt CMG 2003 paper

The following deck published in SlideShare
Using Control Charts for Detecting and Understanding Performance Regressions in Large Software
has the slide:

That was taken from my  CMG 2003 conference paper:

Disk Subsystem Capacity Management, Based on Business Drivers, I/O Performance Metrics and MASF

Interesting that S+ and S- I call now  EV+ and EV- , which are Exception Values to estimate the severity of the anomalies (exceptions). 

The sad fact is Lin Merritt my co-author of this paper has passed away a few days a ago - RIP

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

#CMGnews: I have been re-elected again to Computer Measurement Group (www.CMG.org) #BoardOfDirectors

Atlanta, GeorgiaJanuary 08, 2020—CMG, the Digital Transformation Association, is pleased to announced its Board of Directors for 2020. The Association, in its forty-fifth year, has added six new members, and renewed terms for four existing board members.
2020 CMG Board of Directors
  • Jyotsna Chatradhi, Engineering Team Lead / Staff Software Engineer, Broadcom, Inc.
  • Jonathan Gladstone, Senior Technical Specialist, Bank of Montreal
  • Dennis Holinka, Director, Technology Architecture, Platform Architecture and Performance Management
  • Eby Jacob, Senior Architect–Technology, Cognizant Worldwide Limited
  • Wilson Mar, Software Architect, McKinsey & Company
  • Anoush Najarian, Software Engineering Manager, MathWorks
  • Alexander Podelko, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Performance Engineering, Oracle
  • Elisabeth Stahl, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
  • Igor Trubin, IT Manager, Capital One
  • Mohit Verma, Performance Engineering Evangelist
  • Chris Williams, Area Manager, Channel Sales South, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
  • Paul Zaitsev, Engineering Manager, NCR
  • Allan Zander, Chief Executive Officer, DataKinetics

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

"#CapacityPlanner"s loading #IBM 5MB #harddrive in 1965

                                        Image result for IBM 5Mb hard drive in 1965